Infrastructure Asset Management Conference

  • September 23, 2014
  • One Whitehall Place, 2 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EJ
  • One Whitehall Place | event map

Infrastructure Asset Management Conference

Capgemini sponsors the conference which will showcase cross-industry best practice, lessons on alliancing, technology and resilience.

Capgemini is proud to support the Marketforce Infrastructure Asset Management conference.
Our speaker, Russell Hodge, will give his insights into the importance of Intelligent Asset Management, Capgemini’s approach to delivering value from improved asset information and analytics.
To illustrate this, Russell will focus on how we helped a major client to deliver improvements in the Asset Management function. In this case study, Russell will provide insight on our client’s shift from a paper based ‘find and fix’ approach to asset maintenance and renewal to a technology enabled ‘predict and prevent’ approach that includes:

  • deploying an end to end business solution that  enables engineers to make better, more evidence based decisions on how they manage the asset
  • embedding analytics solutions and capabilities to visualise that data and deliver greater insight such as asset degradation and  failure predictions
  • demonstrating the business value of enabling the workforce through mobile access that puts that data and insight in the hands of the engineers when and where they need it most

Russell will also outline wider organisational impact, in terms of greater efficiency and improved performance, from a more intelligent approach to managing assets. 


Russell Hodge, Head of Intelligent Asset Management, Capgemini UK - 

Russell has over 10 years’ experience in successfully advising organisations how to turn asset management data into actionable insights and business value through analytics and OR techniques.