Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe

  • June 14, 2016
  • Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
  • 22 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BG | event map

Co-locating with Business Process Management Europe.


The Enterprise Architecture Conference shares real-life experiences of Enterprise Architecture, to explore the different ways people are succeeding at Enterprise Architecture, and to discover how Enterprise Architecture is innovating and evolving.

Enterprise Architecture impacts the sustainability and performance of companies, government agencies, charities, and every other kind of enterprise. The conference themes include: matching Enterprise Architecture’s scale and speed to the challenges we face; how Enterprise Architects master uncertainty; maximising Enterprise Architecture's impact though collaboration; Enterprise Architecture's essential role in innovation, transformation, and change; and, the Enterprise Architecture implications of mega-trends such as digitalisation.

Stuart Clelland is presenting "Digital Transformation: Combining BPM and Data Driven Architecture"

This presentation will explore the data driven architecture paradigm as a means to achieving transformation to digital. It provides a perspective on how BPM & DDA can facilitate the liberation of an organisation’s core systems data to enable them to become 'digital' at the core; providing the basis to move to a real-time data and event driven architectures. Stuart will use themes related to “Boundaryless Information FlowTM (The Open Group)” for liberating core system data. Using a real example of a large scale implementation to illustrate early steps in attainting this goal and expressing a view of how BPM & Big Data technologies will play a key role.


• Why Data Driven Architecture contributes to Digital Transformation
• How BPM combined with DDA releases digital agility
• The role of BPM and Big Data technologies 


Stuart Clelland - Business Solutions Architect - Stuart has a wealth of experience as a design authority on major integration programmes, from proposition development to live operation.