Boost the productivity and payback of your SAP and Microsoft solutions with ERP+ - one of Capgemini’s newest ways to simplify and improve the end-user experience.
Businesses, large and small, want to make it easier for users to perform basic transactions and access information. When systems are easier to use, adoption increases, compliance improves, workarounds disappear, and productivity goes up fast.

Make SAP processes more efficient and available

Capgemini ERP+ is a unique portfolio of services and strategies that make SAP core processes more efficient and effective — and available to a wider user base. By integrating SharePoint, Microsoft development tools and SAP applications, Capgemini ERP+ enables a truly collaborative business environment.
Capgemini ERP+ does all this:
  • Provides a platform for high-impact business innovation, getting more from existing technologies 
  • Simplifies and consolidates SAP processes and data, and makes them available to casual users 
  • Reduces ERP transaction complexity and improves usability by putting processes on a single screen 
  • Delivers an SAP user experience in a familiar, intuitive Microsoft user environment that minimises user training and optimises productivity 
  • Increases IT’s agility in meeting business demands 

Seize the Duet Enterprise opportunity

According to Gartner, in a typical company, only back-office employees — around 15 percent of the workforce — use the ERP system; fewer than 30 percent of organisations have realised the full value from their ERP solutions over the last 15 years. Isn’t it time to change that?
The release of Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP is an opportunity to make SAP relevant to a wider range of users, both internal and external. Capgemini ERP+ takes full advantage of Duet Enterprise’s powerful, ready-to-use components, templates and building blocks.
ERP+ solutions combine multiple data elements from SAP and other sources into a single view that can be accessed from a range of devices, including mobile, via a SharePoint portal. Capgemini provides a unique architecture so organisations can extend the use of SAP, make information workers more efficient and boost the productivity of core business processes. All this generates unprecedented value, enterprise-wide.

See new levels of ROI

You’ll see new levels of return on your investment in both SAP and Microsoft technologies. We’ll help you find innovative ways to use SAP to streamline business processes and increase user adoption. Our proven techniques can establish a repeatable process for ongoing agile development of SAP-based solutions. Microsoft’s intuitive, collaborative front-end tools will demystify SAP for business users.
The Capgemini ERP+ portfolio includes platform optimisation services for organisations running SAP on Windows and SQL Server. We can also help with database rationalisation, modernisation and hosting services.