To stay competitive in today’s business environment, organisations need to move swiftly and respond to consumer demands. Capgemini’s DevOps offers the required IT agility.

New landscape, new challenges

For businesses today, the need for speed has never been greater. To remain competitive, enterprises need to meet end users’ expectations for responsive and intuitive apps . Digitally-built enterprises are embracing technologies that allow them to do this by increasing their agility and their ability to innovate and develop apps on the fly.

Many traditional businesses still operate in silos, hindering innovation and making it difficult to meet end user expectations. To keep pace, organisations must ensure that their software, services and applications integrate smoothly in the cloud. This will allow them to increase IT agility and improve end user experience.

Drive transformation and agility

Capgemini and Pivotal offer a unified approach to driving transformation and enabling IT agility. Our DevOps approach breaks down silos to enable collaboration that delivers applications faster, with higher quality and reduced cost and risk. We support this continuous delivery with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)—Pivotal Software’s cloud-native platform—to smoothly integrate your software, services and applications.

  • Enables developers to refocus on innovation
  • Eliminates operational roadblocks
  • Revolutionises delivery

This approach creates a team environment where it is easier to collaborate and seamlessly integrate cross-functionality to achieve business and IT goals.


Your guide to IT agility

Capgemini has helped hundreds of organisations across various industries to effectively blend the culture, technologies and methodologies needed to sustainably capitalise on the real benefits of a DevOps deployment.

We bring end-to-end capabilities to every step of your IT agility journey—from assessment, strategy and proof-of-concept to designing, implementation and operation.


Contact us today to learn more about our DevOps offering.

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