Customer Intelligence for Media

Having invested heavily in IT, media companies are looking to realise the potential of the resultant information. They need to share customer data across the organisation instead of hoarding it at departmental level. They need data that is up to date – ideally captured in real time – often including non-traditional and unstructured data. We help clients get the data they need and turn it into customer intelligence to support business-critical decisions.

Benefits of Customer Intelligence (CI) for Media

We can show you how to transition processes and systems to create a dynamic, real-time, single-view of the customer across platforms and across the enterprise, enabling better segmentation leading to targeted advertising as well as real-time marketing and more informed relationship management. The information about customer behaviour you gain makes it possible to:
  • Take advantage of new behavioural ad serving technologies that require real-time customer information. 
  • Command higher rates from advertisers because your business strategies are based on on actual customer behaviour. 
  • Promote, up-sell and cross-sell services, targeting individual customers accurately. 
  • Tune the customer experience proactively to reduce churn.

Overall, we estimate that better information utilisation can increase profits by over 40%.

Our approach

Our three-stage approach encompasses people, process, technology and information. 
Diagnostic. We work with you to conduct a rapid assessment of your organisation’s current state and establish a business case that can be agreed by all key stakeholders.

Future state definition. We develop a comprehensive customer strategy, vision and benefits case to move to a more targeted "you experience". We assess your architectural landscape and identify transformation activities that may be needed.

Transformation. We can help you execute the trasnformation. Workstreams may include:
  • Developing a customer segmentation model.
  • Integrating existing sources of customer data.
  • Introducing analytics to analyse customer data on the fly.
  • CI processes to enable the creation of a "customer behaviour profile"  essential for targeted advertising.
  • Consolidation of structured and unstructured data based on a unified customer data model and identity management.

Why Capgemini

Business Information & Data. We turn data into targeted, appropriate information that enables tactical and strategic decision-making. Our capabillities cover all aspects of data management, from strategy and consulting to data migration, data warehousing and reporting.
Marketing, Sales and Service (MSS). We can help you design and implement a differentiated customer experience that will drive acquisition and retention; we can also work with you to identify new customer groups. Through effective management and coordination of customer interactions across channels, departments, lines of business and geographies, you can maximise the value of every customer interaction.
Technology Consulting. Our "applied consulting" helps you achieve the right outcomes for your business by enabling technology-driven business change and better information systems delivery. What makes us special is our ability to go beyond purely advisory roles; we offer practical delivery assistance from people with real-world experience of large, complex strategic programmes.
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