Capgemini’s Partner Network – delivering digital strategies together

Capgemini’s Partner Network is a broad and evolving set of companies drawn from tech vendors, start-ups, business service providers, academics, consultants and marketing service agencies – all working together to deliver digital strategies with the customer at their heart. It is designed to foster greater collaboration, based on rapid ideation, prototyping and testing, in order to creative transformative change for our clients.
4 Stages of Value
Delivering value at a number of stages

Curating the Best Partners

The technology marketplace is experiencing huge disruption. Niche players are becoming mainstream in months not years, and new entrants are counted in the hundreds every week. This can feel overwhelming but also provides a huge opportunity. By having access to a broad, properly managed ecosystem of companies, our clients have access to an unprecedented set of ideas, services and technologies. This enables them to effectively drive innovation into their organisation.

In this rapidly changing market we believe that ‘buy not build’ is the starting point for delivering digital. We see our role as that of a systems orchestrator, curating and managing a dynamic ecosystem, rather than trying to build everything. That is why we have built our Partner Network.

Benefits of the Network

New partner relationships breed new opportunities and new ways to deliver better solutions – providing mutual benefit to all of our partners.

Throughout the innovation process – from ideation all the way through to delivery – we believe the Partner Network’s members can help deliver better ideas, better solutions and more effective delivery. We are committed to a ‘test-learn-evolve’ way of working across all solutions and sectors. We will ensure there are frequent opportunities to share knowledge, meet up and learn more about each other’s skill-sets.

Membership structure

Our Partner Network is made up of a diverse set of digital companies:
  • Software & technology hardware companies
  • Online services and product companies
  • Emerging technology and service providers
  • Digital marketing services agencies
  • Start-up accelerators and incubators
  • Digital product innovation companies
Our aim is to bring the right partners together based on the specific brief, help them speak the same language and deliver better solutions in partnership.

Here are a few of our technology partners
Technology Partners
Here are a few of our agency partners
Agency Partners

What’s Going On

Over the past few months, we’ve been able to involve Partner Network members in a number of successful RFPs. We’ve also been able to offer our knowledge, skills and capabilities on a number of our members’ own pitches and projects.

We’ve also made a point of involving our members in our Co-Innovation Labs sessions. Sessions for current Capgemini clients in the consumer products, transport, charity and public sectors have generated numerous ideas and opportunities. In 2015, we will be running more sessions and hoping to get a broad variety of our partners involved.

How to Get Involved

We’re always looking for new members – from all the company types listed above - to join the Network. In the first instance, any prospective member can contact Kirti Patel ( from the Partner Network team. Kirti will set up a short meeting to discuss relevant skills, capabilities, services – and the type of projects on which we might expect to work together.