Integrated Digital Services

Retailers are already exploiting channels such as the internet and social media for closer connection with their customers, but to capitalise on the benefits and position themselves for the future, they also need to integrate them with traditional channels.

Critical strategies for success online

As customers become increasingly comfortable using multiple channels to complete their shopping journeys, the use of the internet is evolving. Retailers need to move from a channel-centric approach to one that puts the customer at the core and delivers an integrated experience, regardless of how customers interact. This involves developing both the business side (supply chain, operating model, policy and process, and board level leadership) and agile technology platforms (single view of the customer, better information management and open standard, service-oriented IT infrastructure).

Capgemini’s approach: a path to Digital Transformation

Capgemini’s Integrated Digital Services is a unique approach to meeting the challenges of today’s complex multi-channel retail model and exploiting the opportunities that arise by interacting with customers across multiple channels in a consistent and personalised way. Putting together the most advanced – and constantly evolving – online tools with creative strategy, we open up your digital capability by driving five key value areas:

  • Using new channels to drive brand equity
  • Creating models to transact directly with customers
  • Developing more intelligent customer insight tools
  • Using analytical tools to drive product and service innovation and forecast demand
  • Leveraging multiple channels to create better customer service

Capgemini’s capabilities

Capgemini’s Integrated Digital Services combines  our consulting services with Capgemini Immediate, a technology solution that helps retailers to meet the constantly shifting business needs and exploit emerging technology enablers.Immediate is a best-of-breed, highly interchangeable solution that adjusts to meet changing demand, changing technologies and changing conditions – and which is flexible to scale and rapid to develop and roll out across any organisation.

Our Integrated Digital Services, powered by Immediate, amount to an essential toolset that delivers a customer centric approach in today’s complex multi-channel retailing world.