Demand-Driven Supply Chain for Consumer Products & Retail

Our demand-driven supply chain offer responds to today’s complex supply and demand chains. We make data available in real-time and synchronise it across all businesses, channels and brands.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Addressing complex supply-demand chains

In an ideal supply-demand chain, consumers would find the right product, when they wanted it and where they wanted it. In reality, this is a challenge because of complex supply and demand chains, no synchronisation between planning and execution, and poor data availability.

Pull supply chains focus on consumer demand

Capgemini can help your company achieve a common view across all businesses, channels and brands by enabling a "pull" business model. This demand-driven supply chain focuses activities on consumer demand, enabling companies to better read and react to customer purchases. We help you increase assortment accuracy, inventory control and merchandising success through our four solution frameworks:

When it comes to your supply chain, experience counts

We've already delivered the benefits of a demand-driven supply chain to a range of clients. We have helped:
  • A luxury retailer transform its planning and fulfilment operation
  • A large grocery retailer implement collaborative supply chain processes
  • A large consumer products company provide visibility across the supply chain
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