Cloud Choice

No two organizations approach the Cloud with the same objectives. Through Cloud Choice, we help enterprises develop and execute the cloud strategy they need to support ongoing innovation and sustainable value.

Value Demands Change

The Cloud offers the perfect combination of lower IT operating costs and greater agility. But as organizations adopt cloud solutions, they enter a hybrid world in which cloud and non-cloud technology, old and new ways of working, and evolving business processes all coexist.
Deriving value from the Cloud is about more than just implementing new software or decommissioning hardware. It demands changes to the business itself – including new governance models, policies, positions, skillsets and responsibilities.


A Strategic Foundation

Capgemini’s Cloud Choice is a multi-disciplinary approach that lays a foundation for the future of your business. Cloud Choice helps enterprises make the move to Cloud strategically, while minimizing risks to security and operational stability. Our approach combines three key services:  
  • Advise: we define your roadmap and prepare your business for Cloud adoption
  • Align: we align your IT assets to support business objectives
  • Animate: we ensure that cloud and non-cloud systems work together seamlessly for your business
  • Improves cost efficiency
  • Increases agility
  • Reduces time to market

Leveraging Bluemix at PostNord


A Longtime Cloud Expert

Having delivered over 4000 scalable cloud projects to clients internationally, we help organizations in both private and public domains lower operating costs while also enabling greater IT agility.

We helped PostNL adopt a full cloud strategy and migrate 30 mission-critical applications to Microsoft Azure. We also worked with GE Oil and Gas to migrate 261 applications to the AWS Cloud in an 18-month timeframe, leveraging agile methods and innovative cloud migration parties to accelerate adoption. As a result, outages fell by 98% and TCO was lowered by an average of 52%.

Contact one of our experts today to learn how Cloud Choice can help your enterprise get the most value out of the Cloud:
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