Gain market advantage from innovative open source and SaaS products, without causing friction with your back-end systems. With the Immediate platform, you continuously evolve your applications and reduce time to market.

Differentiate your Business with Open Source

Innovative open source and SaaS technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate. In any sector, enterprises which know how to exploit them get ahead of their industry competitors: They can provide more seamless and compelling customer experiences, and operate more efficiently.

But combining new services with back-end systems can result in inflexible point-to-point integration and security challenges. The IT landscape becomes fragmented. Businesses need a way to iterate their applications quickly and easily, with the freedom to adopt the best technologies available.

A Proven, Pre-Built Platform

Developed through years of experience of supporting digital services for clients in multiple sectors, Immediate brings together the technology assets you need to integrate the market innovations of your choice into your existing IT estate:

  • Integration
  • API Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Service Management
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Application Lifecycle Management

It’s open-source-based and IaaS-neutral. You can consume it as a pre-built platform hosted in the public cloud, or as an acceleration service in your chosen environment.


Make Innovation your Business as Usual

Immediate supports a shift to a DevOps-based culture and approach in which you continuously evolve your applications and deploy them rapidly.

The platform makes it easy for you to:

  • Test and learn through proofs of concept
  • Scale new services for the enterprise
  • Plug and play new services without labour-intensive integration
  • Be agile without losing control

To explore how the Immediate approach could benefit your business, contact Didier BonnetJerome Buvat or Cliff Evans.

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