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In the age of digital transformation, a cloud-first approach brings the agility and flexibility you need to outperform competitors.
Find New Ways to manage your journey to becoming a cloud-first enterprise.

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Cloud is becoming a ubiquitous delivery option for all kinds of IT. But for most enterprises, cloud first is an intent, not a reality. We overcome the constraints that limit cloud adoption, and enable a transformation from legacy technology to a cloud-first way of operating.
IoT and public cloud: Improving customer intimacy
Client story

IoT and public cloud: Improving customer intimacy

Sensors, IoT and Microsoft Azure underpin a solution that optimises customer value for a global manufacturer

This manufacturer worked with Sogeti on a new system for automated information collection and delivery. The result: More insight into their pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers, and how their products are used.


Hybrid cloud

Will a hybrid public-private cloud solution give you value for money?

Hybrid is a mix of both private on premise and public off premise hosted cloud computing environments. Find out why many of our clients choose hybrid cloud.

Cloud Directions

Cloud Directions

Make informed decisions on your journey to the cloud.

A series of blogs on the key decision points for defining a cloud strategy tailored to your business objectives


From developing a cloud strategy, to managing the hybrid world that results, our complete portfolio of services delivers a cloud-first way of working for the enterprise.
We define a cloud strategy driven by your business goals. We’ll assess your cloud readiness, develop the business case, find the right solutions, and guide your transformation.

Cloud Strategy

Define how the cloud can improve business performance, create a roadmap towards your future, and overcome the barriers to adoption.

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Transform your applications portfolio. We’ll assess your landscape and select the right cloud option for each application: migrating to public or private cloud, replacing with SaaS, or building new cloud-native applications.

Workloads Assessment

Rapidly analyse your applications portfolio to establish which applications to move to the cloud, the best option for each, and how to maximise benefits.

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Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

Quickly deliver new business services by integrating new cloud-based applications with legacy IT, and rapidly exposing your services using APIs.

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Create the enterprise-grade hybrid cloud by allocating workloads to cloud infrastructure – whether public or private, dedicated or multi-tenant, safely and in control. We automate provisioning, and manage cloud services.
We collaborate with an ecosystem of leading cloud vendors, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, the EMC Federation, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and HP. With our partner-specific offers, we leverage the cloud provider of your choice to transform your business.
The Digital Marketplace on Gov.UK is an ideal way for public sector organisations to buy specialist cloud services for digital projects.

Client Stories

Our clients describe their very different journeys to the cloud.

Bergen – SmartCity planning for the future. Cloud-based eProcurement saves €1.3 million a year

Success with EnergyPath at Riata Corporate Group

A new eCommerce service, built rapidly with PaaS.

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