Supertechies global competition

Capgemini Super Techies Show comes to the UK!

The Capgemini Super Techies Show asks participants to solve real business problems with innovative technology solutions. This year, for the first time, countries around the world have the opportunity to submit a university team of two people to compete in the TV series. As students we invite you to get involved with the show - we're really excited about the opportunity and hope you will be too!

Super Techies UK competition

What's it all about?

We are looking for a team of two talented university students to represent the UK in the Capgemini Super Techies Show. Our successful UK entrants will be invited to take an "all expenses paid" trip to India in the autumn, and will compete against teams from around the world to solve real-life business problems using their technical skills.

What will I have?

You'll have a passion for technology, and an enthusiastic ability to use it in innovative ways to solve business problems. And you must currently be a graduate student at a UK university to qualify for entry.

How do I get involved?

To get involved, you'll need to visit Super Techies UK website, complete the registration process by inviting a team member, and forming a team. Once your team is formed, we will email a case study to you. The case study showcases a business problem which can be solved using technology. We’ll ask you to submit a short slide deck (four slides) to summarise your solution by the 25th June.
The top teams will be invited to a UK final on the 18th July in London, where you will present your solution to our panel of expert judges. The UK Super Techies winning team will head off on an "all expenses paid" trip to India to compete in the televised semi-final of the competition at the end of September. The final is due to be held in Paris (another opportunity for an "all expenses paid" trip!) in October.

What's in it for me?

Well, apart from the opportunity to have something REALLY different on your CV, to apply your skills to a real-life business problem, to travel for free to India and then Paris, there's also a substantial cash prize on offer for the overall winners of the challenge... So - what are you waiting for?

Where do I find out more?

You can visit the Capgemini Super Techies Show website to find out more about last year's programme, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (both on the official pages, and through the very excited UK team who will be using the #supertechies hashtag!).
To apply to be our UK representatives in the Capgemini Super Techies Show, you'll need to visit the UK Capgemini Super Techies Show website
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