Operating Model and Performance Improvement

Do you have the skills needed to turn strategy into a fully implemented solution? Then you could be the next member of our operating model and performance improvement consulting team. 

If you join Capgemini Consulting's organisation operating model team you'll be helping complex organisations define and align the right organisation and process capabilities to deliver strategic objectives. Our approach combines organisation, process and people to ensure a fully integrated operating model, including digital enablement.
Our BeLean® approach cultivates efficient production and ongoing customer-focus decision-making, as well as focus on organisation behaviour to help businesses achieve long lasting change.

Our capability team combines three areas of expertise including:
Strategic design: taking operational analytics, operating and business technology to deliver a strategy and fully integrated operating model.
Operational excellence: designing the structure, process, roles and mechanisms in detail to ensure a successful, enterprise wide operating model.
Performance improvement: enhancing leadership culture, organisational structure and operational processes to ensure improved performance is sustainable and long lasting. 

As a successful applicant, you'll be working in an environment where communication, innovation and interaction play key roles in everyday life. Our unique collaborative approach ensures that not only do you work closely with talented individuals, but have the opportunity to grow and develop with real prospects of career progression. 


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