Customer Experience and Analytics

Be part of a team of talented individuals, helping clients worldwide to digitally transform their business functions by providing leading customer experience and improving their analytical capabilities.

Within our Customer Experience and Analytics practise, the expertise of our people, combined with a collaborative approach to developing transformation strategies ensures we consistently deliver performance improvement to our clients. 

The Customer Experience and Analytics practise covers multiple business areas across a variety of industries and sectors, the main Centres of Excellence are:

Analytics - “There is a desire for organisations to understand how best to structure, embed and exploit analytical expertise within their business in order to  become intelligence led and maximise the value of its assets and customers”

Customer and Channel Strategy - “Supporting our clients across markets in designing and implementing a Customer Centric Strategy – defining the relevant channels and data and the appropriate operating model in order to provide a best in class customer experience”

Customer Engagement and Loyalty (Retail) - “Supporting retailers to ensure that they are able to understand and communicate effectively with their customers, building loyalty & advocacy”

Customer service - “Supporting clients to ensure that they are able to communicate effectively with their customers, resolving issues & building advocacy”

Consumer and Shopper Engagement (CP) - “Supporting CP organisations in the development of Consumer & Shopper Engagement strategies, eTailing and Direct to Consumer eCommerce initiatives, as well as Digital Sales enablement programme including B2B engagement tools and Field Force enablement”

Digital Asset Management (Utilities) -  “With increasing pressure on Asset-intensive organisations to deliver improved service at lower cost there is a clear need to transform how they manage their assets throughout the lifecycle. Our approach enables those organisations to deliver greater value from their asset portfolios by using better information and analytics”

Digital Banking - “All major banks are initiating their digital transformation programme, and this community aims to offer them the right support in developing their strategy across all channels through to implementation with a good ability to collate customer data and use this to tailor the experience. We have identified 4 key groupings of opportunities in Digital Banking:

  1. Deepening the customer relationship
  2. Personalising the customer proposition
  3. Preparing internally for digital change and
  4. Mobile and flexible purchasing.”

Digital Insurance -  “This CoE primarily focuses on helping insurance clients transform their customer interaction through Digital. It aims to deliver broader strategy and point solutions that enable specific areas of digital customer interaction across marketing, sales and service particularly to improve customer loyalty and retention. It also supports insurers with the delivery of analytics capability to enable them attract and retain the most profitable risks.”

Digital Utilities - “Supporting Utilities to improve their digital capabilities and achieve a performance advantage. Specifically focused on utilising our
All Channel Experience (ACE) and leveraging the right channels at the right time to engage with customers.”

Insights (CP) - “The world of CP insight and analytics is exploding as new big data and consumer insights arrive in this sector. The ever growing trail of consumer and customer data will be powerfully combined with the core engines of CP data – SAP, finance, sales results, ad spend….to target OpEx and CapEx decisions in a far better way.”

Insights (Retail) - “The world of Retail insight and analytics sees new innovations emerging constantly across channels. Capgemini helps clients with the challenge of exploit fragmented data sets, new sources of big data and latest techniques.”

Insights (Government) -  “Changing citizen expectations, combined with increasing pressures to reduce costs, are having significant implications for decision making in the public sector. Organisations want to understand how they can exploit analytics to progress their ambitions of becoming ‘digital by default’ through improved intelligence and insight. ”

Marketing - “Our offering is a convergence of best practice marketing strategy with expertise in the technology required to execute seamless customer engagement in today’s increasingly complex landscape. Our three marketing technology offerings address the core priorities of CMOs & CIOs, bridging the gap between marketing and IT.

Whichever discipline you work in, you will work alongside approachable, supportive and respectful colleagues in an environment that allows you to achieve your professional goals and provides wider scope for career progression. 

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