Assessment Centre Advice

During the application process you may be asked to attend an assessment centre where a number of interviews, testing and exercises will take place. 

Preparing for your assessment centre is essential, below are important considerations to make before and during the event.  

Before the day:

  • Revisit your application

  • Research the organisation

  • Think about the competencies sought by the employer

  • Give yourself time to prepare any information for which you've been asked

  • Practise assessment centre skills e.g. interviews, presentations, etc.

  • Plan your journey


On the day:

  • Arrive in good time

  • Listen carefully and be polite

  • Join in

  • Stay calm and focused

  • Always be yourself

  • Ask for feedback

  • Remember, it's an event not a location

Group exercise tips

During the assessment centre you may be asked to take part in a group exercise, which is often the best indicator of future performance. During the assesment centre session, you should consider the following:

  • The assessors are good but not mind readers, so if you agree with what is being said, say something.

  • Try to join in early. Don't wait until you're asked to contribute.

  • In light of the information given, decide objectives and priorities, make a plan and follow it. Stay focused and remember the plan.

  • Be assertive and persuasive, yet diplomatic. Get your message across in a positive, supportive way. Often a company is looking for team player not team leaders. Remember you're applying for a graduate position, not to be the new CEO!

  • Remember that the quality of what you have to say is more important than the quantity

  • Actively listen to what everyone has to say, through nodding, smiling and eye contact. Try to get the best contribution from everyone.

  • Find a balance between putting forward your own ideas and helping the group to complete the task set.

  • Keep your cool and use your sense of humour, where appropriate

  • Make sure the group keeps to time

  • Remember, do join in but don't be the one doing all the talking. It's a discussion not a public speaking exercise.