Our Values & Culture

At the heart of the company, the Group's Seven Values set the underlying context for Capgemini as a socially responsible organisation.

Our Seven Values form the foundation of the behavioural rules that every member of our Group is expected to follow.


The first is Honesty, meaning loyalty, integrity, and uprightness, a complete refusal to use any underhanded method to help win business or gain any kind of advantage. Neither growth nor profit nor independence has any real worth unless won through complete honesty and fairness. All new recruits should note that any lack of openness or integrity in business dealings will be penalised immediately upon discovery.


Boldness implies a flair for entrepreneurship and a desire to take considered risks and to uphold commitments. It is the very soul of competitiveness: firmness in making decisions or in enforcing their implementation, a willingness to periodically challenge one's view and the status quo. Boldness must also be combined with a certain level of prudence and a particular clear-sightedness, without which a bold manager could become reckless.


Trust means the willingness to empower both individuals and teams, to have decisions made as close as possible to the point where they will be put into practice. Trust also means favouring open-mindedness, as well as the wide-spread sharing of ideas and information.


Freedom means independence in thought, judgment, deeds, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. It also means tolerance and respect for others, for different cultures and customs: an essential quality in an international group.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit means a team spirit of friendship, fidelity, generosity, fairness in sharing the benefits of collective work, accepting responsibilities, and an instinctive willingness to support common efforts in difficult times.


Modesty is simplicity, the very opposite of affectation, pretention, pomposity, arrogance and boastfulness. Simplicity does not imply naivety; it is rather about discretion, common sense, attentiveness to others and concern for common understanding. It is about being frank in professional relationships, loosening up, and having a sense of humour.


Fun, finally, means feeling good about being part of the Group or of one's team, feeling proud of what one does, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency, feeling like part of a challenging project.

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