Women at Capgemini

Our Head of People Management and Transformation, Hubert Giraud, noted once that our biggest asset leaves the building every night. In that sense, “People Matter, Results Count” is not just a tagline for our organisation; we genuinely would have nothing to support our clients without our employees. A diverse workforce enables us to provide a rich diversity of thought and solutions for our clients; and the power to deliver compelling results to our clients, partners, shareholders and employees.

Attracting women into the IT sector is challenging for all organisations, but it is a challenge we are addressing within Capgemini to ensure the best possible talent for our business and our clients. We know from speaking to our employees that this is a great place to work for women and men alike, and we’ll continue to support the development of all our employees to empower them to take their careers where they want to go.

We know that the things our women value about working at Capgemini are the same as those valued by their male counterparts. They talk frequently about the respect given by their colleagues, the empowerment to drive their own careers, and the fantastic people they work with. To hear more from the amazing women who work at Capgemini, please visit our Women at Capgemini LinkedIn page to hear their experiences first hand.