Twitter QandA for aspiring Management Consultants

  • February 21, 2014

Current members and alumni of Capgemini’s award winning Management Consulting programme, the ‘CDC’, will be available on twitter to answer all of your consulting related questions.  They can answer your questions using their first hand experience of the Consultancy Development Community.

The #AskaCDCer event will take place on Friday 21st February where you will get live responses to your questions between 10.45am and 11.45am. For more information, please check out our dedicated Twitter account @CapgeminiUKppl.  You will receive responses from this twitter account during the session, all you need to do is tweet your questions to the account with the hashtag #AskaCDCer.
If you need any more information on any of the following then tuning into this session will be perfect for you:
  • The kind of roles and responsibilities can you expect as a CDCer
  • The support is available for those in the CDC
  • The learning and development opportunities within the CDC
  • The social scene in the CDC
Feel free to ask about anything Capgemini and consulting related!

If you are in the process of or just starting an application for the CDC, do not miss this unique opportunity to engage 1-on-1 with current and past CDCers.  Keep an eye out for the Facebook event and @CapgeminiUKppl for more details about the session, and who exactly you’ll be able to ask questions to.  On the day there will also be members of Capgemini’s recruitment team and a member of the CDC management present to take any questions if necessary too.  Rest assured that the questions that you ask will have absolutely no bearing on your application – so no question is too stupid to ask.

Useful links:
Management Consulting Graduate Programme
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