Modern Foreign Languages at Work - Regency Street, London

  • March 4, 2014
  • London
  • St Michael's Building, 98 Regency Street, London SW1P 4GH
Modern Foreign Languages at Work
14-15 year old students attend 6 x 30 minute sessions run by business volunteers looking at different jobs using language skills

Skills needed - Business volunteers deliver 6 x 30 minute sessions on the same topic.  The topic should relate to how you use languages in our current job role.  There should be a 15-20 minute activity/challenge for students to practise at a simple level what you do within your job role.  (Eg: students could translate a marketing document or role-play telephone conversations.)  Job areas we are looking for includE: marketing; foreign correspondence; translation.

Delivered Skills - Use of other languages in your role