Capgemini & ADOBE delivering immersive customer experience together

Don’t just reach your customers. Know them !!

Today your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. But while 74% of business executives say their company has a digital strategy, only 15% believe that their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on that strategy**. Businesses today not only must deliver great digital experiences to customers but also drive the agility and operational efficiency to stay competitive. Key to this commitment is engaging customers through the devices and channels of their choice along every step of their journey. Together with data analytics, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, mobile is redefining companies’ strategies, business processes, and technology platforms.

Capgemini and Adobe are working together to deliver effective, engaging customer experiences powered by insights to continue to win in today’s economy.

“Adobe provides a solid set of tools to enable business users to manage experiences. Adobe has made progress integrating the CQ5 WCM product with its other products, particularly analytics, testing, and optimisation. The strength of Adobe’s platform and the company’s resources make it the vendor to beat in the Digital Experience space.” – Forrester

Capgemini and Adobe have a renewed focus on building a partnership that not only is changing the marketing landscape, but also changing the way enterprises do business. Our innovative practices enhance the customer experience and align the enterprise to the pace of digital change. Together we help to highlight how you can use digital intelligently, apply insights from our research into Digital Transformation, and create the correct business transformation framework to deliver top-line impact and drive your business performance forwards.

Our Services framework with Adobe’s DIGITAL Marketing Cloud.

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