Key benefits of IBX

We built the IBX Business Network to respond to your procurement needs today, and to help you anticipate future challenges and changes.

Your entire enterprise can reap benefits from an easy-to-use procurement solution, but getting procurement right is challenging. The IBX Business Network is built to help you make procurement everybody’s business – getting everyone involved in the process engaged and enabling them to naturally make smart procurement decisions, while making their lives easier and encouraging their participation and collaboration.

Our ERP-independent, Cloud-based eProcurement suite contains three ready-to-use solutions:

  • IBX Purchase-to-Pay: Streamline your procurement function through a single user-friendly platform
  • IBX Source-to-Contract: Combine Cloud technology with offload services to maximise your sourcing capabilities
  • IBX Supplier Network: Connect with more than half a million suppliers online, leveraging features and benefits for both buyers and suppliers

Our services are designed to transform your procurement function for maximum efficiency and transparency. The closed-loop solution approach leads you through the entire source-purchase-pay process, increasing visibility, compliance, spend management and productivity, while enabling strategic decision making.


Key Benefits:

  • ERP-flexibility – the IBX Business Network supports SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Agresso and other backends (on-premise or Cloud) and all combinations
  • Compliance and usability – device-neutral employee access to an Amazon-like UI drives contract compliance and improves productivity
  • Content and collaboration – IBX lets you engage, connect and transact with new or existing suppliers in seconds
  • Invoice automation – process costs are lowered and touchless process rates are improved, meaning more invoices are paid on time
  • Global support and reliability – IBX services 140 markets in 20 languages and boasts 99.7% availability/uptime
  • A single service provider for technology, processes, and outsourcing


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