IBX Supplier Network for Suppliers

Increased profitability per order. Lower cost per transaction. Streamlined processes and efficient collaboration tools. Your assortment on 24/7 display to more than 350 large buying organisations around the world. Welcome to the Capgemini IBX Supplier Network.

Collaborate. Grow. Build relationships.

Whether you are a supplier looking to grow your business or a service provider wanting to improve your collaboration ability with existing buying customers, the Capgemini IBX Supplier Network can provide you with a solution. 

Become the seller of choice

The IBX Supplier Network improves customer retention and strengthens relationships by linking the customer’s systems and processes with those of suppliers. It helps suppliers manage the following:

  • Sales & Marketing: Advertise products with ready-made catalogs, access online RFPs and boost awareness among target customers.
  • Catalogues: Select an e-catalogue format or quickly create a custom format that fits your exporting system, then publish in a single step.
  • Orders: Speed up customer orders with end-to-end fulfillment collaboration, thanks to rules-based order routing and automated notifications.
  • Invoices: Send invoices via system-to-system integration or Virtual Printer for a fully automated process with built-in validation and enrichment features.
We know that our customers – both buyers and sellers – benefit from these capabilities. We are confident that your organisation will agree that 40% fewer customer support calls post-integration provides something good for all collaborating parties. The fact that the same changes can reduce processing costs by up to 75% tells us that we are on to something good. We look forward to seeing you as a partner on the Capgemini IBX Supplier Network.


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