Integrate your financial services, processes, applications and infrastructure in a holistic way. Our FAO-as-a-Stack offer brings you world-class finance outcomes tailored to meet all your finance and accounting needs.

Optimise processes to gain a competitive advantage  

For many businesses, gaining competitive advantage has become more and more difficult due to increasing market globalisation, the evolution of information systems, and a volatile business environment. Optimising financial business processes is the first step toward gaining competitive advantage through accelerating speed to market, reducing ownership costs and promoting business innovation. 

However, to optimise financial processes, companies need Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) partners to provide efficient finance and accounting solutions that deliver revenue growth, improve margins and expand cash flow.


Achieve world-class outcomes with a tailored solution 

Our FAO-as-a-Stack offer brings together our leading BPO-as-a-Service (BPaaS) assets and our expertise in apps, infrastructure and consulting – all of which are tailored to meet your finance and accounting needs. 

Acting as your service partner, we assemble, install and integrate components, from services and processes to applications and infrastructure. The benefits of our FAO-as-a-Stack offering include:

  • One centralised service partner 
  • Seamless composition and integration thanks to the assembly-to-order model
  • Optimal total cost of service
  • Minimal implementation and delivery risk
  • Greater focus on business outcomes


A proven leader  

With nearly 50 years’ experience in finance and accounting and more than 1,400 supply chain management experts, we have vast expertise in every finance function vital to business, from infrastructure to applications to business process outsourcing. 

Using our Global Enterprise Model© (GEM©) as a complete platform, we can accelerate your transformation and ensure the right outcome for your organisation. We are ranked among the top three Finance and Accounting providers worldwide by leading analysts such as Gartner, HfS and Nelson Hall.

Contact our experts today to learn how our FAO-as-a-Stack offer can benefit your business.


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