Contact centre optimisation

What if your contact centre could help you build competitive differentiators, drive peak performance and secure a maximum level of customer service?

Is your contact centre a channel to market?

Your contact centre is one of the most important points of contact with your customer. A good contact centre not only boosts customer loyalty but becomes a very receptive channel to market. But getting it right can prove to be challenging and costly. How can you ensure your contact centre is efficient, effective and working for your business?

Improve processes and grow your business

Capgemini’s Contact Centre Optimisation solution begins with a rigorous and professional assessment. The foundation of the assessment is a clear and up-to-the-minute understanding of the existing people, processes, and technologies as they relate to the requirements and objectives of your business. The assessment helps to achieve the following:
  • Evaluate the maturity of the contact centre with respect to people, processes, and technology
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve service, and enhance overall customer satisfaction
  • Analyse the performance of a complex, high-volume contact centre operation
  • Make recommendations for process improvements and business growth, with an actionable roadmap to move the operation from its current state to a future, modernised state

How contact centre optimisation improves your business

Contact centre optimisation can help your organisation to rapidly transform customer service interactions and deliver immediate results. Working with our specialist technology partners, we provide agile, non-intrusive automation, worker optimisation, and desktop analytics solutions. 
These changes optimise agent productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance your customer’s experience.
Key benefits:
  • Helps monitor SLAs for all operations and engagements for real-time benefits
  • Accords visibility and control into critical service parametres
  • Enables fewer service outages with improved service provisioning
  • Proactively solves service problems

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