Learning Lifecycle Management (LLM) as a Stack

A comprehensive BPaaS solution for your organisation’s training needs

A new landscape

An optimal mix of employee skillsets is essential to your business success. However changing demographics and regulatory requirements make achieving a diverse workforce challenging. You need a future-proof learning and development solution that:
  • Manages demand for niche or critical skills
  • Optimises training investment and deployment
  • Ensures regular, mandatory employee training
  • Meets Millennials’ expectations through innovation

An innovative approach to learning

Capgemini’s Cloud-based Learning Lifecycle Management (LLM) offer provides comprehensive support to meet the training needs of your organisation. LLM as a Stack is a multi-layered approach that combines services, processes, applications and infrastructure. Our offer is built around five key components:
  • Analysis of training needs 
  • Training content services
  • Learning management systems 
  • Training management
  • Training effectiveness review
  • Improved profitability 
  • Increased business efficiency 
  • Reduced risk

Deep experience  

Capgemini BPO is recognised as a leader in providing Business Process Outsourcing to the world’s largest multinationals. With LLM as a Stack, your business benefits from our years of experience and expertise in learning management.
For a leading global agribusiness, a leading global agribusiness, we implemented a full Software as a Service Learning Management System based on a SumTotal platform. This instilled a cohesive learning approach across more than 80 countries, impacting more than 20,000 employees.

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