Business Process Management (BPM) with Oracle

Greater flexibility, compliance, transparency and customer satisfaction all come together in our Business Process Management (BPM) solution based on Oracle technologies.

Taking you from business process to business value 

Old technologies can take a long time to change. For example, rewriting code to upgrade business processes can take an organisation more than six months to complete. And because many companies lack an enterprise-wide vision of their current processes, they can’t measure overall performance.

To achieve greater visibility and efficiency of your processes, there’s a new way of linking people and processes across your entire organisation without time-consuming or costly investments.

Gain all the benefits of better-managed processes

Our BPM solution works with you to: 
  • Identify your current process weaknesses through in-depth analysis
  • Review each process and highlight potential improvements 
  • Automate and outsource where possible
  • Establish ongoing process governance
As a result, you quickly achieve:
  • A highly flexible business model tailored to your specific business strategy
  • A customer-centric approach 
  • Business agility 
  • Greater enterprise-scale process visibility   
  • Cost-savings
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Greater transparency and compliance

Partnering for a competitive edge with leading Oracle technology

Oracle is a strategic partner for our Business Process Management solution. Together, we have implemented BPM and delivered measurable benefits to our clients including:
  • Stedin: developed a customised BPM workspace via Oracle Application Development Framework, which enhanced functionality across applications, departments and partners

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Learn how Capgemini and Oracle can work together to ensure better business processes, contact Geoff Swaffer.

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