Business Information Service Centre

Our Rightshore® model, BIM know-how, and industrialisation capability make our BI Service Centre model unique. With it, we have helped make many world-leading organisations into the "intelligent enterprises" of tomorrow.

Capgemini Business Information Service Center (BISC) Transform your business through information

New questions need answers - fast

As organisations begin to realise that information is one of their most valuable assets, they’re asking new questions that need quick answers to enable better decisions. Faced with this challenge, IT departments need to keep up with the increasing demand for business intelligence from their business users.

BI Service Centres are designed to support the new big data opportunities and technologies so that you can uncover value not found before. You can expect to improve the quality and reliability of reporting and reduce error and risk.

Support multiple streams across many projects

The BI Service Centre model provides a set of well-defined processes, methodologies, templates and accelerators that cover different aspects of execution, from demand management through to warranty and support. 

Our BI Service Centre methodology can support multiple BI streams across multiple projects, providing a clear, coherent framework for BI programme delivery. It is also used by our clients to manage delivery from multiple vendors for large complex programmes.

We’ve adapted industry-leading practices for BIM: for example, our GREAT BI estimating solution, which is specifically tailored to provide open costing of BI work packages for clients.

Tried and tested methodology

With our Rightshore® BI Service Centre, you can save as much as 50% on BI development and support costs.

Our BI Service Centre methodology is tried and tested with many clients from small local organisations to major global players:
  • For a global beverage company, we delivered process improvements resulting in an almost 30% improvement in productivity.
  • For a major global telco, we are delivering cost savings of over 40% during the life of the contract.
  • For a global consumer and packaged goods company, we helped to transform access and use of information, bringing enhanced insight and worldwide consistency. 

The BI Service Centre explained by our experts

Capgemini Business Information Service Centre

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