Business Information Management for the Public Sector

Organisations possess significant data volumes containing information that can help them perform better, reduce costs, and provide improved and more targeted service. Capgemini can help unlock that information.

Information solutions that meet Public Sector demands

Capgemini’s Business Information Management solutions help the public sector gain real insight and value from their data. Our solutions are suited to a wide range of public sector areas including:

  • Cities and regional government: We help local government bodies manage costs, optimise services and build performance management frameworks that show value to all stakeholders.

  • Tax and revenue: We use advanced predictive analysis techniques to detect fraud and maximise collection through optimised and cost-effective customer contact programmes.

  • Public security: We deploy advanced analytical techniques with software partners Palantir and SAS, to support a wide range of public security operations.

  • Healthcare: We handle all aspects of information challenges, from core information management to patient information exchange to bringing clarity and insight to clinical performance.

  • Defense: We make sense of complex logistics information tracking and data security to deliver best-in-class performance.

  • Education: We help optimise curriculums and course performance to get the most value from the available resources.

Getting the most of your data

At Capgemini, we understand that each public sector area has its own set of issues regarding information. We have experts in each area who can provide you with the necessary critical help and advice.

Our approach starts with the “Intelligent Enterprise”. This methodology uses a set of focus interviews and workshops that help you prioritise the information needs and challenges within your organisation.

With this clear vision, we then deliver effective business information management solutions that make use of our accelerators, innovative frameworks, sector best practices and delivery experience. These elements combine to ensure rapid implementation and fast return on investment.

Understanding the Public Sector information challenges

Capgemini has worked with all types of public sector organisations. We have helped local governments manage costs and optimise services. Additionally, central governments have called upon us for aid in handling the complexities of defence logistics, tax collection and healthcare provision.

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