Business Analytics for Telecommunications

In today's demanding business environment, service providers must enhance customer experience across every stage of the customer lifecycle to retain clientele and increase revenue. To help clients achieve these objectives, Capgemini provides telcos with effective, enterprise-wide Business Information Management (BIM) solutions.

Enabling smarter decisions for more competitive advantage

Business Analytics for Telecommunications is an end-to-end solution that provides a 360° view of customer behaviour and enables reporting based on key criteria such as customer behaviour by segment and campaign performance.

The comprehensive solution kit includes:

  • Communications KPI repository
  • Operational and strategic dashboards supported by data models
  • Quick start kit to customise the solution and reduce implementation times by up to 60%
Our solutions will help you achieve:
  • Superior customer experience: achieve effective complaint resolution through proactive analysis of customer behaviour
  • Higher revenue: identify high value customers for promotional offers through segmentation analysis
  • Productive sales channels: optimise campaigns and promotions and increase revenue through performance analysis
  • Effective marketing campaigns: launch better-targeted campaigns that understand customer segmentation
  • Time-saving efficiencies: deploy solution quickly with the Oracle Communication Data Model

Bolstered by collaboration, risk management and innovation

Our specialists work with you to develop a compelling business case. By emphasising risk management, we can guarantee support and reliable solutions backed by the latest technological innovations and our partnerships with related product vendors.

Our approach starts by understanding your business challenges. We target each phase of the customer lifecycle and work to improve:

Customer acquisition:

  • Define customer target lists for promotions
  • Analyse customer behaviour by segmentation and previous history
  • Define segmentation across different demographics
Customer Development:
  • Model scenarios to understand impact
  • Monitor customer usage to understand behavior
Customer Retention:
  • Provide reporting to help predict churn
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness

Because our Business Analytics for Telecommunications uses Capgemini's own data model, we can deploy our solutions based on Oracle’s Siebel Analytics or other technologies depending on your specific needs

At your service: a worldwide network of experts

Telco service providers can rely on Capgemini’s broad information strategy,business analytics  and business intelligence (BI) expertise. Our teams provide clear reports and analysis of performance, markets, customers and competitors, enabling you to make more informed decisions. Our 7,500 BIM practitioners worldwide include 2,500 skilled consultants at our BIM Centre of Excellence in Mumbai, India. The Centre is part of our differentiated Rightshore®  model, designed to deliver optimal solutions by achieving the right balance of the best talent from multiple locations, working together as a unified team.

Capgemini's Business Analytics for Telecommunications has attracted the interest of major telecommunications providers across Europe, the US and India. Deutsche Telekom is benefiting from further consolidated IT services at its German operating entity, reducing the level of in-house resources required. This was achieved by building a dedicated BI factory and harmonising the group's BI systems.

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