Business Analytical Services

The opportunities to change business outcomes through effective analysis are increasing: Our report shows 9 out of 10 business leaders say their challenge is not the growing volume of information, but how to analyse and act on it in real-time. Capgemini's range of analytical services will keep you ahead.

Optimise the value from your business analytics

Capgemini has a portfolio of business analytics capabilities delivered through our global analytics practice network.

  • Analytics Strategy Design: data analysis to optimise operational performance, and strategy design to improve in-house capabilities
  • Analytics Proof-of-Concept: prototype analytical models to support business operations and define detailed requirements and design
  • Analytical Model Build and Deployment: analytical models and implementation of interfaces to operational systems
  • Analytical Process Outsourcing: business reporting, data refresh and model management outsourcing, and Analytics-as-a-Service for solutions hosting
  • Analytical Operational Support: support for existing analytical model deployments and in-house analytical operations
With Business Analytics, you can expect to:
  • Gain true insights into your customers, business processes and operations
  • Predict the future and organise accordingly
  • Understand any anticipated risks
  • Identify any fraud and error

Drive data further with Capgemini

As a leading player in business analytics, with expertise in business information management, data governance, information strategy and the latest technologies, Capgemini will help you make the most effective use of big data. Many clients have already achieved positive business outcomes through improving forecasting, decision making and business processes.
Using analytical modelling, we enabled a global mobile phone services provider to identify and predict revenue streams, which gave them a Net Present Value of €170 million over 5 years.
A Dutch traffic and transportation counselling service worked with us in creating simulation modelling to analyse road surfaces which allowed them to investigate and make more accurate decisions on road safety.

Many of Capgemini's competitors - particularly other IT services vendors - claim to offer end-to-end capabilities in their predictive analytics services/business solutions. Capgemini really does, from both an IT and business perspective. (Ovum – Capgemini Predictive Analytics Service Audit, December 2010)

Alexander Simkin, Ovum Practice Leader Tools & Insight
Alexander Simkin
Ovum Practice Leader Tools & Insight
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