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Volunteering with The Prince’s Trust

Working within a digital practice on one of our large public sector accounts I get to see the challenges that we and our clients face because of the digital skills gap which holds back our ability to drive innovation and deliver results. The skills gap is a problem that affects the whole country and I’m passionate about the need to do something about this by giving people opportunities that help them develop new digital capabilities. 

I’m fortunate that my role enables me to get involved in initiatives that are centred around retraining and continuously developing people.  I’ve seen some great results, for example with some of the Higher Apprentices we have placed in our Digital Delivery Centres where they quickly delivered results and value for the client.

I believe there are lots of talented people about who, for various reasons are currently excluded and that with a little help could do so much more.   Volunteering with The Prince’s Trust therefore gives me the opportunity to help in a small way to address this skills gap and to make a difference to individuals.  

I’ve now helped out on a couple of The Prince’s Trust initiatives with the mentoring of young people.  You get to see a wide range of individuals with different backgrounds and who are facing different challenges.  For example I helped out on a “Get Started” initiative and you can see almost instant results in terms of increased confidence, belief and motivation of many of the young people involved.  Three months after my last event most of the young people involved are as a result, either now in employment or pursuing other positive outcomes such as volunteering, further training, education or are still working with The Trust. I’m also still providing guidance to a couple of lads who, from another Trust initiative, have come up with a great idea for an app to help with dyslexia. 

I’ve got a lot of personal satisfaction out of being involved and it is really rewarding to feel you are making a difference.  It really doesn’t take up much time so I’d recommend getting involved to you all.

Nick Budd
Senior Manager, HMRC
Capgemini UK Plc


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