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My Tech Story - Design to Consultancy

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What would you write about if someone asked you about your tech story? No idea? Me too!

Not being sure about the next step has been a common theme in my life so far. I was unsure what to study at university, where I wanted to begin my career and what I wanted to do. Like many of my friends, I decided to study something that I enjoyed, which in my case was Product Design; the start of #MyTechStory.

In my first year at University I discovered a passion for design using affordable technology. I worked in a highly innovative team of designers and engineers in designing a wind belt for developing countries and into products to enhance the lives of those in Megacities. Throughout my university career I was privileged enough to work on projects at the forefront of technological advances and creative thinking. I saw similar characteristics in major manufacturers’ products to those that I was designing, a huge motivation to continue to innovate.

Whilst preparing to run the Birmingham Half Marathon in summer 2014, I became fascinated in the concept of marginal gains. I was able to use my personal experience, alongside my design expertise to design a product for the professional sports market to aid muscle recovery immediately after exercise.  

Once I graduated, I looked into jobs across the spectrum of business, including consulting, marketing, business development and branding roles. In amongst finishing all 5 series of Game of Thrones, I stumbled upon Capgemini and an Associate Consultancy role. I’m embarrassed to say that I had never heard of them before, but they seemed a company who matched my ideas of continually innovating. Capgemini must have thought I was a good match too as I got a role as a Change Consultant within the BTS business unit (all luck as my colleagues remind me). BTS stands for Business Technology Solutions, which may not mean much to a lot of you, but put very simply, we work across all sectors alongside IT implementations providing process/change and transformation experts. In short BTS brings together people with lots of different skillsets utilising the power of one.I’m now on my 3rd project where I’ve worked across a plethora of different industries and sectors, the range has been hugely motivating.

At first glance, Product Design seems completely unrelated to where I am now but there is common themes throughout my story. In both my university studies and Capgemini role I have been encouraged to think outside the box and challenge the status quo both internally and externally. I have received great mentoring and worked alongside some great leaders. The most important feature throughout my tech journey is a very simple one; A ‘techy’ skillset is not a prerequisite to working in technology, in my view, to succeed all you need is the mind-set to think differently.


By Sam Frost – My Linkedin Profile


For more information about Capgemini and the Associate Consultant Role within BTS you can visit our Careers Page or the Meet Our People page!


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