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A day in a life of a Capgemini Graduate

After graduating with a degree in Business and Management from Brunel University, I started my professional career in September 2013 as a Business Technology Consultant at Capgemini. To date it has been a great learning experience.
I am currently working as a Project Analyst for one of the world’s largest airports. Here is what a typical working day on my current assignment looks like:
Morning (9.00- 12.00)
I arrive at the client’s office and go through my e-mails for any potential roadblocks and review the news alerts from the day before. I like to keep track of how the client and the industry in general are moving day-to-day.

My first meeting of the day is often a Morning status meeting with my team. Our team goes through the list of actions from the day before and everyone gives their individual update.  This involves everyone briefly saying what they did the day before and what they are moving onto today. This really helps me to spot any dependencies people have on me and raise any issues or problems I have.

I typically spend the rest of the morning chasing the relevant Project Managers and Programme Leads on any significant queries that I/team have on their projects.

Afternoon (12.00 - 17.30)  
I usually head out to get lunch around 12ish with a colleague from Capgemini or the client.
The rest of the afternoon varies considerably depending on the time of the month cycle my team is in. Usually, it involves leading or facilitating internal and client meetings; auditing 90+ project reports; or carrying out quality assurance initiatives on behalf of the Account Quality Manager.
In addition, I work closely with 30+ Project Managers and 9 Programme Leads on this account – in and amongst other tasks I deal with all manners of enquiries from them. From matters on project finance, to discussions on the changes to a project’s scope to actively improving internal processes to help increase output and ensure efficiency.
Evening (17.30 – 18.00)

With my days work wrapped up and having prepped for the next day. I leave the office. As I am working away on a client site, I am staying in a hotel for the duration of the project. There I typically spend time making the most of the hotel facilities (gym and pool) or just simply chill out.

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Iyosayi Austin Omoragbon
Iyosayi Austin Omoragbon
Iyosayi is a Business and Management graduate of Brunel University who joined Capgemini in 2013. He is based in the Holborn office and part of the CSD business unit. Outside of work he enjoys working on various entrepreneurial endeavours and sports.
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Thanks Iyo, great insight into your role.

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