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I'll start by giving you a few details about myself and my role at Capgemini: I am a software developer working mostly with Java. I have been a higher apprentice at Capgemini for 18 months and have not looked back since deciding not to go to University.

Capgemini sponsors me to do my degree in software engineering on a course run by Aston University.

I have worked on a variety of projects with different clients and I will try and give you an insight into what it means to be an employee, and a higher apprentice, at Capgemini. This will probably set straight any thoughts you may have had of the apprentice stereotype: i.e. just making the coffee!

I look forward to updating you with more blog content in the future and thank you for reading.

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Sam Lloyd
Sam Lloyd
I joined Capgemini having left college with three A levels at grade C and above in September 2012. My role at Capgemini is in software development. This role has allowed me to work in both the public and private sector, and I have contributed healthily to project work that has helped companies save in terms of man hours and monetary value. In addition to this I am involved with Capgemini support projects in the local community such as helping sixth form students with their personal skills.

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