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Capgemini is platinum sponsor at Salesforce World Tour London

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Since first partnering with Salesforce in 2007, Capgemini has developed its knowledge of the convergence of cloud, mobile and digital technologies to help our clients to adapt to demands faster, engage with their customers, suppliers and partners more profoundly, and reduce costs.

Ten years on, Capgemini is a Global Strategic partner for Salesforce, and a platinum sponsor of the Salesforce World Tour London. We also continue to sponsor Salesforce’s largest cloud event in San Francisco, Dreamforce.

At Salesforce World Tour London, on Thursday, 18 May 2017, we look forward to showcasing some of our exciting new Salesforce innovations. These include the pretty revolutionary Field Service Lightning Accelerator, that offers capability in the complex area of corrective repair, Odigo which works across channels to deliver a seamless cloud contact centre solution, Human Loyalty which considers how loyalty means more than just a points card, and Digital Customer Footprints which considers how organisations can drive smarter customer journeys across digital channels.

Watch this video of Andrew Smith, Capgemini UK Head of Salesforce Alliance, introducing Capgemini’s attendance at the event.

Find out more here and contact me with any further questions.

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