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2016 predictions: CIOs will take on a new hybrid role

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In the third in the series of our 2016 predictions, Paul Hammond, VP of Infrastructure Services at Capgemini, talks about the changing role of a CIO:

Paul Hammond“Maintaining and developing current infrastructure is a given for CIOs. However, in today’s world - where disruption to established business models is key to growth - they must embrace new technologies that meet and exceed rapidly changing customer expectations and market imperatives. From predictive analytics to intelligent sensors to the real-time connectivity of everything, the opportunity is there right now to embrace these technologies early and steal a march on competitors.

“At the moment, there are far too many CIOs existing solely to keep the lights on. In 2016, there will be a swing towards leaders who are not only good at cost reduction but can drive the digital transformation agenda.”

Here's to a happy 2016!

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Magda Bulska
Magda Bulska
Magda is responsible for managing Capgemini’s media relations programme and supporting its digital and internal communications activities. Before joining Capgemini in 2015, she ran PR campaigns in the UK and across EMEA for a number of blue chip companies and start-ups. Originally from Poland, Magda is passionate about (in no particular order) good films, travel photography, diversity and discovering quirky places all around the UK.

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