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It’s Friday, mid-August, work should be relatively slow, right? Well, it looks like things might have changed and August is now just as busy for many of us as any other month of the year. But, if you do have a bit of time this afternoon, why not read one of our blogs?

If you work in financial services, read about bitcoin, blockchain and the future of banking here or about what banks can learn from elite runners here. Oh, one more on blockchain and whether it will change the financial world is here.

Cybersecurity has been high on media agenda this week (and even higher on the agendas of those who have accounts on Ashley Madison....), so this blog post about security in banking is quite timely.

Talking about media agendas... Over the last two weeks, because of A level and GCSE results being announced, we’ve seen a lot of stories about whether it’s worth going to university or not, and here’s our contribution to this debate.

Thinking of going shopping this weekend? Are you dreading it? What if the shopping experience was totally different to what it is now? What if it was like this? One day, one day....

But if you just want some light reading ahead of the weekend, we’ve got that covered as well – just look at this selection of our favourite data visualisations from August. 

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Magda Bulska
Magda Bulska
Magda is responsible for managing Capgemini’s media relations programme and supporting its digital and internal communications activities. Before joining Capgemini in 2015, she ran PR campaigns in the UK and across EMEA for a number of blue chip companies and start-ups. Originally from Poland, Magda is passionate about (in no particular order) good films, travel photography, diversity and discovering quirky places all around the UK.

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