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Weekly Techno Brief

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here.
This week's edition of Techno Briefs brings you the new feature 'Purchases on Google', which allows shoppers to buy items directly from mobile search ads. You can soon own a personal flying bike. Read about the intuitive prototype developed by the British company Malloy Aeronautics. Take a look at the surprises thrown by our farthest planet, Pluto. Read about the Tsinghua Unigroup's $23 billion (€21 billion) bid for US chipmaker Micron and finally take a peek at the innovative camera that can identify who you are.

Google unveils 'buy' button

Google unveils 'buy' buttonGoogle unveiled a new feature called 'Purchases on Google', which allows shopper to buy items directly from mobile search ads. The eagerly awaited "buy" feature, which Google said it was testing with a few retailers, uses saved payment credentials from the user's Google Account for transactions. Both Google and Facebook have been stepping up efforts to advance location-based technology as consumers spend more time on smartphones. Along with the ads that pull up in search results, shoppers would also get information on product ratings and availability at nearby stores, the Internet search giant said in a blog post. 
Get the details on The Economic Times

A personal flying bike close to reality

A personal flying bike close to realityMany people have long dreamed of being able to fly around as simply as riding a bicycle. Yet the safety and strength of a flying bike was always a big problem. Over the past 10 years, developments in technology have moved the dream of personal flying vehicles closer to reality. Now, two groups of inventors say such vehicles may available very soon. The British company Malloy Aeronautics has developed a prototype or model of its flying bicycle. The company says its Hoverbike will be a truly personal flying vehicle. Inventors say their Hoverbike will most likely be used first by the military, police and emergency rescue teams.
Check out the flying bike on Hover Bike

Pluto has ice mountains and water

Pluto has ice mountains and waterPluto is turning out to be full of surprises.The first zoomed-in image of Pluto was released on Wednesday, a day after NASA's New Horizon's spacecraft made its closest pass over Pluto, cruising about 7,700 miles over the surface. The probe traveled more than 3.6 billion miles to snap the photo. The new image shows a crisp, clear view of Pluto's surface, and it's covered with wide smooth areas, lumpy terrain and mountains. Huge mountains. The height of the mountains is important because it's a clue that there may be water on Pluto. The steep topography means that the bedrock that makes those mountains must be made of water ice. One can be very sure that the water is there in great abundance.
Read the full story on CNN Tech

Chinese state-owned firm may acquire US chipmaker 

Chinese state-owned firm may acquire US chipmakerChinese state-owned firm Tsinghua Unigroup is preparing a $23 billion (€21 billion) bid for US chipmaker Micron. If completed, the deal would be the biggest-ever Chinese takeover of a US firm. Tsinghua Unigroup is prepared to pay $21 (€19.2) a share, or 20% more than their current price. A Micron spokesman said that the company had not yet received an offer. Micron, based in Idaho, makes memory chips for computers and other electronics. Tsinghua Unigroup already has partnerships with US firms Intel and HP.
The Wall Street Journal carries complete details

A camera that can identify people

A camera that can identify peopleIf you want to constantly monitor who enters and exits your home, the Netatmo Welcome could be the perfect product for you. Netatmo first made an appearance in the connected home space with their Urban Weather Station, a set of Wi-Fi connected tools which allow you to monitor the air quality around you. Now they have a new device, called the Welcome, which is essentially an IP camera that begins recording when it senses movement. If the camera recognises someone who passes, it'll send a notification to your smartphone that Abbie (for example) has just entered the house.
Walk through the news on T3
The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.

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