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Weekly Techno Brief

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here.
Read about the latest FBI planes that can capture private cell phone data from people on land. A pocket-sized computer Micro Bit is all set to nurture coding skills in UK's kids. Get to know the latest hard disk that offers a massive storage of 10 TB and finally take a look into IBM's new chip that packs four times the computing power of the fastest chip available in the market.

FBI plane can capture private cellphone data

FBI plane can capture private cellphone dataThe US Federal Bureau of Investigation controls a fleet of airplanes equipped with technology that could be used to keep tabs on people from above, according to a new report from The Associated Press. Some of the FBI planes that have flown over major US cities in recent months were equipped with advanced surveillance technologies. These technologies include video cameras and devices that may be able to capture private data from cellphones.
One of the devices is a called a "cell-site simulator," which can trick a cellphone into recognizing a plane as a cell tower. The device can trigger cellphones on the ground to share their identification numbers (i.e., the 10-digit number associated with the phone). And the cameras onboard the planes can capture high-quality video from a distance, even at night.
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Pocket-sized computer Micro Bit to enhance children's coding skills

Pocket-sized computer Micro Bit to enhance children's coding skillsThe BBC has revealed the final design of the Micro Bit, a pocket-sized computer set to be given to about one million UK-based children in October. The device - which features a programmable array of red LED lights - includes two buttons and a built-in motion sensor that were not included in a prototype shown off in March. Children will be encouraged to write simple code for the Micro Bit via a new website, which will be accessible on both PCs and mobile devices. They will be able to save and test their programs on the site before transferring them to the tiny computer via a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection.
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Helium-filled hard disk offers 10 TB storage

Helium-filled hard disk offers 10 TB storageAimed primarily at the enterprise and data centers, the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is HGST's latest take on a helium-based hard disk. The apparent benefits of helium when it comes to HDD storage is its markedly lower density of around one-seventh that of regular air. This means less friction with internal moving parts, resulting in less power needed to drive the device and increased data density of the individual disks. HGST is a Western Digital subsidiary.
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IBM's new chip packs 4x computing power than fastest chip

IBM's new chip packs 4x computing power than fastest chip IBM has announced that it has designed a new kind of ultra-dense chip, which squeezes in four times as much computing power as the best silicon currently available. The ability to squeeze ever more processing power into the same small processors is a result of shrinking the fundamental transistors that make up chips. Until recently manufacturers have been able to produce them at a scale of 14 nanometers, and are now transitioning to a regime where 10 nanometers is the standard.
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The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.

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