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Just before you start your weekend, why not learn something new? Why not find out what banks could learn from football management?
Or how befriending a critic could lead to disruptive thinking!
And have you heard about crowdshaping? Neither have I, but I now know all (well, just a little bit) about it thanks to this blog post.
If you’re a ‘Back to the Future’ fan (and frankly, even if you aren’t), read about IT innovations and what’s awaiting us in 2035.
But if you’re into tech or/and public sector, you could learn about the role of SIAM in the public sector and how to make it succeed.
And for the marketers among you, click here for a blog post discussing how the single view of customer is history, but context is the future. 

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Magda Bulska
Magda Bulska
Magda is responsible for managing Capgemini’s media relations programme and supporting its digital and internal communications activities. Before joining Capgemini in 2015, she ran PR campaigns in the UK and across EMEA for a number of blue chip companies and start-ups. Originally from Poland, Magda is passionate about (in no particular order) good films, travel photography, diversity and discovering quirky places all around the UK.

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