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Anglian Water cuts customer call times with IT upgrade

Utility Week logoAnglian Water is setting out to improve its already great customer service through an IT programme designed by and for its customer service agents, with Capgemini. The UK's biggest water and waste company by geography has cut the time it spends dealing with customer calls after overhauling its call centre IT system.

Utility Week has covered the story: Anglian Water cuts customer call times with IT upgrade. This article has also been syndicated in Water & Wastewater Treatment.

A solution called 1Customer is helping Anglian Water achieve its central aim of having 100% of its 6 million customers “very satisfied”. Developed hand-in-hand with the customer service agents and drawing heavily on customer feedback, the initiative has introduced a set of simplified, robust screens that make a wide range of useful customer data instantly accessible.

Click for the full Anglian Water case studyEven better customer service
This significantly improves call quality and call handling time by an average of 78 seconds. It also speeds up agents’ response to customers by ensuring they have comprehensive information about the customer’s situation before they begin speaking. With key information instantly to hand, agents can make informed decisions and offer appropriate, empathetic help for each individual customer. 

More value from original investment
Because it makes use of the existing SAP technology, 1Customer enables Anglian Water to drive additional value from its investments. Initially focused on customer issues, the 1Customer platform can be more widely deployed in future, helping the company achieve its strategic goals of creating a single view of both assets and employees.

For the full case study (pdf), click on the image above, or here: Improving on great customer service: Anglian Water's 1Customer

"The old program had 20 screens and boxes that required completing, but the new 1Customer system, developed with Capgemini, keeps the important customer infomation in one box on the screen for the call centre agents" - Utility Week

Martyn Oakley, Director of Customer & Information Services at Anglian Water, said "1Customer is truly designed and built around the user, it puts the agents in control, it enables them to focus on customers not the system."

Watch Martyn tell the story in this video (3m24s):

Find out more on our work with Anglian Water from SAP UISMart expert at Capgemini Paul Tomlinson. Paul has also written a piece for the Capgemini technology blog which provides more detail of the project - see The power of UX and SAP - the Anglian Water story.

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