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As the weekend comes closer, you might be looking for something interesting to read. Our experts can certainly help with that!

This week, we’ve introduced a new blog from our Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) team that helps clients solve their biggest problems through collaboration. They will be writing about design thinking, behavioural economics and graphical facilitation, and you can read their first three blogs here.

If like me you’re interested in diversity (or, unlike me, you’re interested in tennis), ‘Gender equality in sports: analytics vs. social issues’ makes an excellent case for how Wimbledon represents a closing of the gender gap, as proven by analytics.

In the data and insights section we’ve also got a blog post about information governance and how insights from big and fast data could power a digital revolution in public services to dramatically benefit human life (‘How do we 'save' cities?’).

Moving on to something lighter, if you’ve got dating plans this weekend, you might want to read this ‘Big Dating’ post first, looking at whether big data insights could have led to happier ending for Romeo and Juliet.

If data centres are your thing though, we’ve got one about next generation data centre strategy and how to balance conflicting drivers.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Magda Bulska
Magda Bulska
Magda is responsible for managing Capgemini’s media relations programme and supporting its digital and internal communications activities. Before joining Capgemini in 2015, she ran PR campaigns in the UK and across EMEA for a number of blue chip companies and start-ups. Originally from Poland, Magda is passionate about (in no particular order) good films, travel photography, diversity and discovering quirky places all around the UK.

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