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These are exciting times for digital marketing, and last month’s sell-out Adobe Summit Europe was a great showcase of achievements and future potential.

There were lots of digital marketing examples to inspire attendees. For instance, based on analytics data, the marketing campaign on the giant neon Coca-Cola sign at Piccadilly Circus, was updated live from the conference and Chelsea Football Club demonstrated how they are building a closer relationship with fans using personalised marketing campaigns.
Adobe Summit EMEA
Photo courtesy of Adobe Summit

As part of the Summit, there was a half-day Public Sector programme, with a big focus on citizen-centric, personalised digital services. Capgemini’s Nick Budd, one of our digital business architects, was delighted to be invited to present Capgemini’s approach to working with clients to transition legacy paper forms-based services into new digital services.

He explained some of the challenges faced in making this transition.  Designing a new digital form based on customer research is relatively straightforward, but care has to be exercised because many public sector organisations are siloed by department and channel, and changes in one area can create a new unexpected problem elsewhere.
“It’s essential to understand the end-to-end customer journey and the back end integration required with legacy IT systems,” says Nick.  “The trend is for digital forms to be personalised to an individual customer’s needs, with analytics used to shape the customer interaction based on their preferences, behaviours and risk profile.  When all these factors are taken into consideration digital services can offer a great opportunity for central and local government to rationalise and modernise their operation, shift contact shifted to the most appropriate channel and make it simpler for customers to interact with them.
If you want to find out more, Adobe Summit conference videos and blogs are available here and Nick’s presentation is here.

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Magda Bulska
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