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A Robotics Automation Hub announced

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Earlier this week we announced a partnership with NICE Systems to deliver a Robotics Automation Hub that will help organisations identify, evaluate and automate processes that involve time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks. You can read the full press release here.
Key aspects

Businesses set to benefit the most from this include private sector organisations and government departments who regularly deal with a high volume of administrative tasks such as processing online registration forms and manually entering data into back office applications.
The hub’s services are available on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 6 as a Specialist Cloud Service and will identify tasks that can be automated. Through the hub, businesses can build and implement a tailored automation processes and can maintain, support and improve this over time. This approach can then be applied across the business.
Adele Every, SME and Innovation Lead, Capgemini said: “Developing the Robotics Automation Hub using NICE’s innovative technology means we can help organisations not just do the same with less, but do more with the same. Robotic software should not be seen as a threat to our livelihoods. Instead, it offers a huge opportunity for humans to spend less time completing mundane tasks and more time doing things which use our creativity, imagination, and human intelligence. This will ultimately improve the quality of people’s roles and add real value to the business.”
News coverage so far

Consultant-News - Capgemini and NICE Systems announce a new Robotics Automation Hub 
“Automation technology and digital transformation consulting together helping businesses drive process efficiency and increase employee satisfaction.”

Top Consultant - Capgemini and NICE Systems announce a new Robotics Automation Hub
“The service will be most beneficial to private sector organisations and government departments with high volume administrative tasks that require agent handling, such as processing online registration forms and manually entering data into back office applications.”

Bdaily - Capgemini and NICE Systems announce Robotics Automation Hub
“The move will bring to market the combination of NICE System’s innovative robotics technology with Capgemini’s digital transformation expertise to help businesses save time on tasks that require accuracy, speed and simple decision-making.”

And if you need a quick introduction to Robotic Process Automation, here's a short video we put together. 

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