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Weekly Techno Briefs

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here.

In the same week that Google took its much-reported Glass product off sale, Microsoft has been boasting about its amazing new goggles, HoloLens. New Zealand-based Kim Dotcom is soon to launch a video service to rival Microsoft’s Skype. Have you identified any music with Shazam? The British company, which boasts 100 million users, is now estimated to be worth US$1 billion. And WhatsApp moves from mobile to desktop. It’s all in today’s Weekly Techno Briefs.

Microsoft unveils hologram headset
Microsoft Hologram HeadsetMicrosoft has shown off its own augmented-reality goggles, called HoloLens. The headset, which works with Windows 10, allows the wearer to see three-dimensional images overlaid onto their vision of the real world. Microsoft’s promotional videos show a few of the countless opportunities that the technology will open up for users in their personal and business lives. HoloLens could also enable developers to create and endless assortments of tools too. 
Sources: BBC News and CNN

Meanwhile, Google puts Glass on ice
The timing of Microsoft’s launch comes at a particularly troubling time for their rival, Google, which has announced that it would stop manufacturing and selling Google Glass in its present form (the last day people could buy it was Monday 19 January). The search engine giant was quick to explain that it still believes ‘smart’ glasses have an exciting future, and will moves the product from its Google X ‘incubator’ part of the corporation to its own business division. Watch this space...

Source: CNN

Kim DotCom to launch Skype rival
Kim DotComControversial technology maverick Kim DotCom, who is infamous for his Megaupload website, has announced a new service to compete with Microsoft’s Skype. Mr Dotcom announced via Twitter that the video calling service, MegaChat, will be encrypted, making it very difficult for government agencies to listen in on people’s conversations. The announcement comes at a time when the personal privacy versus national security top is red-hot, and while some governments are demanding technology companies to hand over all users’ data.

Source: BBC News

British mobile app breaks billion-dollar barrier
Like the music you can hear but don’t know the artist or the name of the song? Then it’s time to use Shazam, an app developed and owned by the British company of the same name. The music identification service not only tells you about the music but also allows you to buy it on the spot. Investors believe the app is set to become increasingly popular, although it’s already so well known and used on both sides of the Atlantic that it boasts 100 million monthly users. In fact, financial backers have so much confidence that the company is now valued at US$1 billion (£660 million / €860 million).

Source: BBC News

WhatsApp moves to desktops
The messaging market is set to become even more fiercely contested as WhatsApp will soon enable its users to send messages via a desktop web browser. But don’t get excited if you want to do this with your Apple gadgets because the Facebook-owned company won’t extend the service to their products, due to “Apple platform limitations.”

Source: BBC News

The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.

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