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Weekly Techno Briefs

Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here

The Weekly Techno Briefs help you keep pace with the fascinating and constantly changing world of technology. This week's edition brings you a round-up of the new Apple must haves;  the much awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with Apple Watch, and Apple Pay - a new mobile wallet payment system that promises to help mobile payment technology become mainstream.

Tim Cooks up an Apple feast

Any of one of Apple's announcements would have the power to send ripples through the consumer tech world. With all of them coming together in one day, Tim Cook threw down the gauntlet and delivered.

Although other smartphone makers have already delivered similar featured products, Apple is now delivering core features in an improved way. Apple is also acting as a catalyst to seriously change the way we pay for goods and services, as well as influence how the smartwatch and wearable markets will take off.

Presenting the Apple Watch

Apple WatchTim Cook invoked Steve Jobs's signature "one more thing" phrase to announce the awaited Apple Watch. The rectangular design features a customisable watch face with multiple circular apps that can be flicked or scrolled through in any direction. It comes in two sizes, one for smaller wrists and one for larger wrists, and it's curated into three editions: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. It has a force sensitive display, and four sensors underneath, which scan for biometric information like heart rate.

To make full use of the Apple Watch, you do need a compatible Phone (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c or 5). The core takeaway is that the Apple Watch is highly customisable in both external look and function, and its built-in features and apps promise a deep and rich experience. As for the early 2015 delivery date, Tim Cook promised that the Apple Watch is "worth the wait."

Introducing Apple Pay

Apple PayApple Pay is a new mobile payment system that lets you tap your iPhone 6 or Apple Watch near a retailer's NFC reader. You can use the credit card that you likely already have on file with Apple via your iTunes account. You can also take a photo of your credit cards to create a visual identification system that lets you easily select a card to use.
Apple Pay currently works with credit and debit cards from American Express, MasterCard and Visa issued by the most popular banks. In the US, Apple says it has 83% of credit card purchase volume currently covered.

This system, in combination with millions of potential iPhone 6 and Apple Watch users, has the potential to finally spark widespread consumer and retail adoption of mobile payments.


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusWhile the iPhone 6 lost some thunder to the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, the phone itself is a finely honed and upgraded iPhone now bigger, faster, thinner, prettier and more functional than ever.
The iPhone 6 has the widely predicted 4.5-inch screen while the iPhone 6 Plus has the 5.5-inch screen. The new phones also have sharp Retina HD displays. The 4.7-inch has a 1334 x 750 resolution and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Apple's all-new 64-bit A8 chip is faster and more energy-efficient, and Apple's Metal graphics technology in iOS 8 will let developers tap into the A8 chip to deliver graphically rich 3D games to the iPhone.

The iSight camera on the iPhone is improved with faster autofocus and optical image stabilisation. It can film at 60fps for 1080p videos and 240fps for slow motion videos. It features continuous autofocus, cinematic video stabilization, and time-lapse video.

The front FaceTime HD camera captures at least 80% more light with a new sensor, larger f/2.2 aperture and advanced new features including burst mode and HDR video.

Link: TechNewsWorld

The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.


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