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Weekly Techno Brief

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here.
This week's edition highlights how Facebook will soon be entering the video ads space with the acquisition of LiveRail and how Google will soon provide you with different songs for your various moods with the acquisition of Songza.

Should we expect video ads on Facebook?
Facebook has acquired LiveRail, a tech start-up that helps companies place more relevant ads in the videos that appear on their websites and apps. LiveRail also provides a real-time bidding platform for marketers looking to place ads on online videos. Online video advertising is forecast to grow robustly in the coming years. More relevant ads will be more interesting and engaging to people watching online video, and more effective for marketers too. Publishers will benefit as well, because more relevant ads will help them make the most out of every opportunity they have to show an ad.
Link: Tech Times 

Music for your mood
Songza logoGoogle has acquired music start-up Songza, a company that says it is able to create playlists based on a person's mood. The move is being seen as an attempt to bolster its Google Play streaming service in the face of competition from the likes of Apple and Spotify. It is assumed that Google will incorporate Songza's technology into its Google Play offering, but perhaps also as part of its upcoming subscription service for video site YouTube.
Link: Forbes

No plasma TVs for Samsung
Samsung is to stop producing plasma televisions (PDP TVs) by November 2014. Plasma screens, which use electrically charged ionised gases, are often applauded for their brightness, deep blacks, and high frame rates, and considered ideal for watching sport and films. But they tend to use more electricity and are considerably bulkier than the now more popular liquid-crystal display (LCD) and light-emitting diode (LED) TVs.

Office on your Android
Microsoft is moving ahead with its efforts to bring the highly lucrative Office franchise to Android tablets. According to Microsoft, it is building the native suite earlier this year, and that the Android apps would beat a touch-first build of Office for Windows out of the gate.
Link: TechCrunch

Your next Windows Phone device may have a Canon
Microsoft's new Windows Phone devices may feature Canon's imaging technology following a new patent agreement between the two companies. Microsoft and Canon have signed a new patent cross-licensing deal under which they'll gain licenses to each other's patent portfolios. Nokia's PureView devices are recognised for their advanced imaging capabilities. Microsoft could perhaps be looking at launching new imaging focused devices combining Nokia and Canon's expertise in optics.
Link: Times of India

Twitter acquires TapCommerce
Twitter bird iconTwitter announced that it is acquiring mobile ad startup TapCommerce. The deal is priced at US$100 million (€80 million). TapCommerce helps mobile businesses retarget their ads, i.e., target ads based on previous user activity — something that’s become common for desktop web. It seems like TapCommerce’s technology could offer Twitter way to improve the mobile app install and engagement ads
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