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Weekly Techno Briefs

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here:

Being an early adopter has its advantages, so it pays to be updated on the latest trends in technology, and stay on top of things. This week we bring you news on great new conveniences that can make your life better – from hosting better parties, to taking better pictures. 

Pump up the party
A few great records, food, beverages and friends – sounds like a recipe for a good party? That was then…the BBC has told us about a few apps that can take your party to the next level:
Monsieur: The artificially intelligent robotic bartender is to cost US$5,000. The tabletop device will sport an Android-powered 10 inch touchscreen showcasing 300 cocktail options for party guests to scroll through, which Monsieur will then mix and serve. Alternatively you can skip having to queue and send the machine your order via a smartphone app.
Party Bot: It caused a buzz at Las Vegas's Consumer Electronics Show in January. It flashes lights in time to music playing from its in-built Bluetooth speaker. The roaming automaton will incorporate a Bluetooth speaker and a light projector that pulses in time to music. Looking not dissimilar to R2D2, the Party Bot is still in the concept stage but should be on sale in time for Christmas 2014.
DJs and VJs: The days of requiring bulky records to mix up music are past thanks to smartphone and tablet apps such as Native Instruments' Traktor DJ and Beatronik's DJ Studio 5, which offer virtual turntables. The Vjay app allows its owner to create "video mash-ups" joining together clips and music. Previously this required specialist expensive software, but now amateurs can recreate the effect in their home for a fraction of the cost thanks to apps such as Algoriddim's Vjay and Hexler's TouchViz.
Technology also helps before and after parties through Facebook invitations, event hashtags, "checking in", playlist-sharing and maintaining a digital conversation.

Let there be (smart) light
Recently we brought you an update about smart lights. The current leader in smart lights is Philips Hue Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs. But the competition just heated up last week, with both LG and Samsung unveiling new smart bulbs. Not that Philips is sitting idly by—the boss of intelligent bulbs also unveiled two new products: the Hue Lux LED bulb, a cheaper, stripped-down version of its pricey original, and the Philips Hue Tap, an add-on that lets you trigger lights by touch.

Enhance your iPhone camera
Apple has been granted a patent for interchangeable camera lenses - Apple Insider - which could be used on the up-coming iPhone 6. The patent is for 'Bayonet attachment mechanisms', i.e. a bayonet mount that is able to securely attach lenses to an iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
At the moment, there is no adjustable camera lens system in existence for smartphones, although there are lots of third party macro lens products that consumers can buy to clip onto their smartphone.

The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.

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Tom Barton
Tom Barton
Tom’s career in communications spans 20 years in the consulting, telecommunications and music industries. He joined Capgemini in 2005 and led the merging of PR, web communications and internal communications into one team. This recognised the convergence of channels and platforms that support an effective communications programme for external and internal audiences. Before joining Capgemini, Tom was global head of media relations at PA Consulting Group, marketing and communications director at his own record label, and had various internal and external communications roles at Cable & Wireless. He plays guitar, darts and cricket, and is still trying to do the Times crossword.

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