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Capgemini Cyber Cafe opens at Dawley Town Hall

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Surfing the web, desk-based IT training and learning the ropes of computing are all on the menu at Dawley Town Hall’s brand new cyber café, thanks to Capgemini’s Kit in the Community scheme. Capgemini Café officially opened yesterday.

Dawley Town Hall logoTen reconditioned desktops were hand-delivered by the Telford-based Communications Team this week to the newly named "Capgemini Café", providing a cyber-corner of Dawley
for members of the public.
"We’ve been right behind the project to re-open the town hall for three years now and have helped realise the transformation with both brawn and brain," explained Capgemini communications manager Dean Smith.
"The equipment we have donated will also help the venue in its aim to be a fully accessible venue for the community and it’s a genuinely nice touch that Dawley Town Hall has named its cyber-café after ourselves."

Dawley News
applauded the announcement.

About Dawley Town Hall – a proud history … a bright future! 
Capgemini colleagues mustered a variety of skills to restore Dawley Town Hall to a vibrant community hub providing employment and a social focal point. The project to re-open the town hall provided Capgemini employees the opportunity for volunteering, personal and professional development and being part of a great local initiative with a very visible and rewarding end product.
Dawley Town Hall re-opened as a community venue in January 2014.
If you would like to find out more what’s on offer in the restored Dawley Town Hall, visit the page created voluntarily by Capgemini’s Matt Turner

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Tom Barton
Tom Barton
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