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Weekly Techno Briefs

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Each week our intranet news channel editors provide a round up for Capgemini colleagues of the business IT news that drives and inspires us. We publish some of the highlights here:

Google, Facebook, and IBM have been Christmas shopping. They have recently bought firms specialising in everything from fast-running robots to sports data analysis to worldwide data transfer. We summarise these latest acquisitions, and take a brief look at how online-video companies are fairing in the market.
Google sees its future in robotics
It seems that suddenly, Google has made a dramatic change in strategic direction. In the past six months, the 'search' giant has acquired no less than eight robotics companies. Google has spent some of its cash buying Holomni, Industrial Perception, Redwood Robotics, and Autofuss and its sister company Bot & Dolly, all based in California. Boston Dynamics and Meka Robotics - a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - has also been acquired, as has Schaft, a spin-off from the University of Tokyo.

Link: San Jose Mercury News

Facebook gets sporty
Facebook has continued its shopping spree by acquiring sports data specialist SportStream. The start-up analyses social media mentions of sport and makes that big data available in real-time.

 "Through this acquisition, we expect to meaningfully improve the ability for all of our partners to access and utilize the insights from Facebook's tools," stated Justin Osofsky, Facebook's vice president of media partnerships & global operations.

Link: BBC News

IBM buys fasper to move faster
IBM announced this week that it will acquire privately-owned data transfer company Aspera. IBM aims to use Aspera's technology, fasp, which can move very large data files around the world rapidly, something that millions of consumers now demand every day. Among Aspera's clients are video content companies Netflix and Universal Studios.

"Our experience working with thousands of clients on big data projects tells us that companies can better compete and win when they can quickly extract value from massive volumes of data," said John Mesberg, Vice President, B2B and Commerce Solutions, IBM. "With this acquisition, IBM addresses a key challenge for globally integrated enterprises by allowing them to move large data files much faster to the individuals who need them, wherever in the world they may be."

Link: TechCrunch

Internet TV keeps on growing
Is the future of television on the web? More video production firms, from Hollywood to Shanghai, are shifting their broadcasting to the internet rather than the traditional box. US residents can already watch content produced by Hulu, a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and NBC Universal. Even if you don't know Hulu, you might be interested to know that the firm has announced that its 2013 revenue will break the US$1 billion barrier. However, despite claiming that it has more than 5 million subscribers, Hulu, like many of its Chinese counterparts, doesn't yet make a profit. China remains the world’s largest market for online-video, led by companies such as Youku Tudou, Sohu, QQTV, and Baidu.

Link: Reuters

The highlights from our Weekly Techno Briefs above do not necessarily represent the view of Capgemini Group.

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Tom Barton
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